Baking - sweet stuff

All of the cakes are gluten free, sugar free and yeast free using only honey and fruit to sweeten and bicarbonate of soda as a raising agent

Celebration and seasonal 

Chocolate birthday cake

Victoria sponge cake / Birthday cake

Vanilla 'buttercream'

Mince pies 

Ginger biscuits (Christmas cookies) 

Cakes and Muffins 

Super scones

Blueberry muffins

Sponge fairy cakes

Walnut and Banana Bread

Chocolate muffins 

Coconut flour muffins

Banana muffins / loaf

Cinnamon and raisin cake

Flapjacks and raw bars 

Fak'd bars - raw fruit,seed and nut flapjacks


Spicy almond biscuits

Lemon biscuits

Raisin and walnut biscuits

Walnut Biscuits


Cashew nut pancakes

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