Saturday, 26 April 2014

Supermarkets and online stockists

I have included supermarkets because although in an ideal world we would buy everything from independent producers in reality sometimes you need to buy stuff from a supermarket.

Expensive but good quality food with lots of organic options.  Surprisingly short on goat and sheep dairy.  I don't order from them online a lot but good service when I have and they have free delivery over £50.

Morrison's meat and fish may not be organic but its normally of a lot higher quality than Tesco or ASDA. They were one of the few supermarkets not implicated in the horse meat fiasco and they mainly sell British. They offer reasonably priced organic and free range chicken  (both whole and pieces) and venison.  Some organic fruit and vegetables

Sainsbury's have a good selection of goats products from St Helen's farm which we have found to be the best tasting milk, cheese and yoghurt.  They also sell a sheep's cheese which is good for yoghurt making.  They have a good range of organic fruit and vegetables, frozen organic peas and often have wild salmon, responsibly sourced fish etc.  They also have a good selection of un-pasteurised honey, olives etc.  I find online shopping with them unbearable as the site is really not user friendly but I think once you have a repeatable list it's probably bearable. 

The service is fab and the phone app is dead simple. They have their own range as well as Waitrose stuff, again bit disappointing on the goat and sheep dairy. They sell meat from various well regarded suppliers including Duchy of Cornwall (Prince Charles' stuff) and Laverstoke Park.  Once registered Ocado often email money off vouchers for orders in a set period and its normally at least 10% off so its worth doing.

Abel and Cole 
People who use them sing their praises but I think they are expensive compared to some other suppliers.  If I didn't have a local shop with a good range of organic fresh produce I would probably grit my teeth and pay their prices rather than rely on supermarkets where even the organic food is hanging around under plastic.  

Graig Farm
I order from them regularly and the meat is always of a really high standard, all be it some stuff is out of my price range.  They have different minces, bones for stock, one hundred percent meat sausages, oxtail etc.  They also have game and wild duck.  They allow you to dictate the day of delivery and you can normally get hold of a real person on the phone if you want to ask any questions about the products too!  Shame they don't sell dripping or lard...

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