Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Salad dressing

So important if you are going to absorb all the good stuff from your salads and veggies.  This also tastes fab on an avocado. There is no hard and fast rule as everyone has their own preference and different vinegars and oils have varying tastes.  However a good starting point is a ratio of about two thirds oil, one third vinegar . 

This makes a little under a jars worth (approximately 340ml) - the reason for not filling the jar straight off is you can add more of things and adjust to taste. 

This will taste better if you allow the garlic a few hours to infuse the mixture. 

You can add pepper to taste - we don't as children don't like it 


1 large clove of garlic 
Generous pinch of salt (to taste) 
Tsp of mustard powder 
Olive oil
Cider or wine vinegar 
3 tbsp of honey 


Crush the garlic and add this to the jar along with the salt, mustard powder and honey 
Add 150 olive oil
Add 100 vinegar 
Close jar and give it a good shake (be vigorous) 
Taste. If it tastes thin then add more oil. If it is too tangy then add a bit more oil. If still not sweet enough for your liking add half a tsp of honey 

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