Monday, 18 May 2015

Wibbly wobbly jelly

The hardest part of making this dish is sourcing the gelatine sheets!  I buy mine from The Real Food Company in Crewe.  You can also source it from Amazon and even the baking sections of supermarkets (although I would plump for grass fed or organic gelatine, especially if you are making this regularly). 
Making your own jelly is incredibly simple and means you can create something that is yummy but also nutritious and sugar free!  The benefits of gelatine are numerous - it helps to heal the lining of the stomach and is great for nail and hair health. 
I like to use raspberries but any soft fruit will work. If you wish to use pineapple, kiwi, melon or papaya they will need to be cooked into a purée or the enzymes they contain will break down the gelatine. 
I use organic frozen fruit as it is cheaper but fresh would work also. 

If you want to change the quantities below keep a rough ratio of 125 ml liquid to a sheet of gelatine for a soft jelly (served in glass) or 100ml liquid to a sheet of gelatin for a firm jelly that you can turn out of a mould. 


3 sheets of gelatine 
300g frozen fruit 
2 tbsp of honey (more if very sweet toothed!) 


- Place the fruit in a pan with enough water to cover the base 
- Heat gently so that the fruit breaks down - you can help the process with a potato masher! 
- Once the fruit had disintegrated sieve the mixture into a bowl or jug (use a fine sieve so the seeds do not fall through). You can use the back if a spoon to push the mixture down and extract more liquid.
- Add the honey and stir thoroughly 
- Add filtered water until you have 400ml of mixture 
- Place the gelatine sheets in a large shallow dish and cover with water.  Ensure the sheets are kept separate so they can soften properly 
(During this time return the fruit liquid to the pan and heat very gently so that it stays warm as the liquid needs to be over 35 degrees for the mixture to set) 
- After 5 minutes remove the sheets, squeeze them to remove any excess water and add to the mixture 
- Stir thoroughly ensuring the sheets have fully dissolved 
- Pour the mixture into serving glasses (I also like to add a few slices of strawberry or blueberries)
-Refrigerate for a couple of hours until set.

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