Thursday, 5 March 2015

Buckwheat crackers

The best thing about these crackers is you would never know they are buckwheat!  That sounds derogatory to the poor buckwheat plant (a relative of the rhubarb family and not an actual wheat) but having made bread with buckwheat there can be a strong earthy taste that is off-putting for some people.

The second best thing is the texture - they have a proper crunch which is often missing from gluten free snacks. 

The third reason is that they are a great alternative to the ubiquitous almond cracker. Almond flour is a lot more expensive than buckwheat flour, can be too sweet and also I don't want to eat almonds, in any form, every day. 

These crackers are delicious either rolled so thin they are almost like crisps or as a traditional thicker cracker for cheese or spreads.   They are perfect for a kid's snack time but equally would be an elegant accompaniment to a cheeseboard for a dinner party. 

Crackers only last a couple of days so initially making your own may seem like a faff.  However just like biscuits you can make the dough in bulk and freeze in portion bags.   Then they just need to be rolled out and baked for ten minutes - it's even just about doable in the morning if I am short of stuff for the packed lunches! 

I used ready milled organic buckwheat flour.  If you were going to replace flour with soaked groats you would need to reduce the water in the recipe to accommodate the liquid the groats will have absorbed. 

The ingredients below will make approximately a dozen crackers depending on preferred thickness. 


128g buckwheat flour 
57g ghee  (or butter or olive oil) 
1/2 tsp salt 
50ml water 
Black pepper to taste 


- Preheat the oven to 160c fan / Gas Mark 4 
- Measure out the ghee or butter in an ovenproof dish and put in oven to melt 
- Mix the flour, ghee, salt and pepper in the processor 
- Slowly add the water until you get a dough consistency. You may not need all 50ml.  If your dough is too wet just add more flour until rectified. 

- For square / rectangle crackers: 
Place the dough in the middle of a piece of baking paper the size of a large baking tray 
Put a matching size piece of baking paper over the top and with a rolling pin roll over the paper until the dough underneath is the desired thickness.  
Remove the top layer of paper and with a pizza cutter or knife cut the dough  into shapes. Carefully transfer into a baking tray lined with baking paper 

- For round thicker crackers:
Make small balls with your hands then place on the baking sheet. Either with a flat implement or your hand squash the ball down into a round shape 

- Bake  for approximately ten minutes until going golden in colour. They should be firm to the touch but not too hard as they will continue to crisp up when they come out the oven. 


Add 1/2 tsp caraway seeds for a 'rye' taste 
Add 2 crushed cloves of garlic and 1/3 tsp rosemary for Italian style crackers 

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