Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Chocolate mousse (ssshh keep quiet about the avocado)

I would love my children to willingly eat avocado but there is not a hope in hell of that 'slimy' texture getting near their lips. However that texture is exactly what makes avocado such a great ingredient in chocolate mousse.

This is a throw it all in the processor kind of recipe.  Over time you will probably come to adjust ingredients to your palate adding more banana or honey for a sweeter palate or more cocoa/cacao for a stronger chocolate taste. 

I like the texture you get from the dates but if you are looking for a smooth texture (and unless your processor can achieve a very smooth date paste) you could leave them out, and add a little more honey if required.  

Raw cacao may be preferable from a nutritional point of view but the recipe works with pure cocoa powder too (I buy organic cocoa powder) 

In theory this should be chilled before frozen but I have eaten it straight from the bowl and if it's a last minute pudding when kids come round to tea I can't see they are going to complain about the temperature! 


6 dates 
6 ripe bananas (medium size) 
3 ripe avocados (medium size) 
2 tbsp honey (ideally raw or unpasteurised) 
1 level tbsp vanilla extract 
4 tbsp raw cacao or cocoa powder 


-Blend the dates in the food processor 
-Add the bananas and blend again 
-Prepare the avocado - cut in half, remove the stone and spoon out the flesh into the processor, avoiding any black bits 
-Add in the honey, vanilla extract and cocoa and blend to desired consistency 
-Divide into ramikins and cover with cling film (or small plastic pots with kids) and either chill in fridge or freeze for a few hours before serving. 
Looks pretty served with strawberry and mint

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